Posted by Callie on July 17, 2019

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Your perfect wash setup doesn't end with the purchase of a pressure washer. High pressure water can do quite the number, but add in pressure washer attachments or pressure washer chemicals and your cleaning can be taken to the next level! That's why today we are talking chemicals!


Easy-Kleen recently launched our new chemical line that has been made exclusively for the pressure washing industry. These chemicals are not only going to wash your equipment, but will be working secretly to keep your pressure washing unit in good working order!

At Easy-Kleen we have always believed that user friendly equipment and easy maintenance go hand in hand. That is why all of our chemicals include a scale stop additive in them. The scale stop keeps the lime from building up in the coil of your pressure washer, along with anywhere else that the chemical touches such as, hoses, injectors, gun, and nozzles. Our scale stop will work to keep everything clean and destroy any build up inside your valued pressure washer. With our chemicals at work you can rest assured no soap deposits are working against your water flow and heating, saving you on the bottom line! 💰


Kleen-Shine Plus - Pressure Washing ChemicalsJust like our pressure washers, our chemicals have a wide variety of applications. From KLEEN-RIP HD designed to blast away heavy road film to KLEEN SHINE which is great for cold water applications, we know you will find a chemical solution to fit your needs.

Carbon-Kleen Plus Drum - Kleen-Shine Plus - Pressure Washing ChemicalsAnother great addition to our chemicals is an upgrade to our PLUS line which carries a wax additive. The wax additive will help to rinse and create a barrier to make it harder for road film to cling onto your equipment. Over time road film will create a magnetic bond with your vehicle. This magnetic bond will be hard to break! The protective coat of wax additive will prevent this bond from being made, providing you with cleaner and easier to wash rig! Our chemical line is available to purchase in 20L pail, 114L drum and a 205L drum!

These chemicals are now available at Easy-Kleen locations across Canada to clean your equipment and save you money. So whether you want to maintain your car and toys or you're looking for a chemical to wash your trucking fleet, we have the chemical for you! Give us a call at 1-800-315-5533 to talk about your chemical needs.