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Unique Machines, Unique Customers

Posted by Callie on September 25, 2019

At Easy-Kleen, we are always up for a challenge! With our in-house manufacturing from designs to decals, we are equipped with the tools and the knowledge to do just about anything our customers need. We do offer over 300 models of units, but understand our standard specifications don't always fit into our customers unique needs and applications. Today's blog brings a great example of this with our Groundhog Jetter Series


"The Best Equipment to Gets the Best Results"

Posted by Sam on August 14, 2019

Sometimes one machine isn't going to cut it depending on which industry you're in. In each industry we strive to serve, we have customers that require more than one pressure system to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Thankfully with over 300 models we guarantee to have the machine for you! This was the case for Stew's Cleaning Servicesin Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Stewart Kincade sat down with us a couple years ago to discuss the part Easy-Kleen plays in the daily operations of his successful business, and what our brand means to him.

Stews Van


Posted by Callie on July 17, 2019

Your perfect wash setup doesn't end with the purchase of a pressure washer. High pressure water can do quite the number, but add in pressure washer attachments or pressure washer chemicals and your cleaning can be taken to the next level! That's why today we are talking chemicals!

Kleen-Shine Plus

Wash Bay Systems - Propane & Natural Gas Fired

Posted by Callie on April 4, 2019

When it comes to choosing a wash bay system to meet your fleet's needs, trust Easy-Kleen's Buffalo Series to provide the results and washing experience you expect. Industries such as trucking, construction, agriculture, municipalities etc. all come with owning a hard-working fleet that needs to be maintained properly to keep a business running efficiently.

Keeping your equipment clean and in good working order can be time-consuming, which is why investing in an on-site, piped in system is a necessary part of your operation to invest in. With many years of designing, manufacturing, and installing wash bay systems, rest assured Easy-Kleen can provide your business with a tailored system for your application. 


Total Self Contained Cleaning

Posted by Callie on March 29, 2019

At Easy-Kleen we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing equipment that solves problems for our customers. You are not always in an ideal place to wash your equipment or do a cleaning job. There isn't always water or power near by, it could be in the middle of the woods and sometimes its 30° below out, but that does not mean the job stops. We understand that saving time saves you money and this piece of equipment can wear multiple hats and become a pivotal part of your business. 


One of our most popular skid units is our Portable Pick Up Skid. This unit was designed and manufactured in house to fit perfectly in the box of a 6'6" pick up truck. Equipped with our commercial hot water gas driven, oil fired unit* (4 GPM @ 3500 PSI), 225-gallon water tank, hose reel, and winterization system. Simply load this unit into the back of your pickup truck using either the forklift slots or lifting eye, fill with fuel and water and you're ready to clean anywhere. TOTALLY SELF CONTAINED CLEANING.

Pick Up Skid Front Left

It's Trade Show Season

Posted by Callie on March 12, 2019

In the months leading up to February, Easy-Kleen prepares for our Trade Show Season. Specific units are built for the show that best matches its application. New marketing materials such as banners, flyers, and videos are designed specifically for each trade show. This is all done to showcase Easy-Kleen the best we can to the attendees of the shows. The 2019 trade show season has almost come to an end. January-February 2019 saw 4 different trade shows for Easy-Kleen all across the U.S.A.

WOC 19 3

"It's Easier to work on Clean Equipment than Dirty Equipment!"

Posted by Callie on January 21, 2019

Owning an Easy-Kleen goes deeper than just getting that surface to shine. When you pick out your Easy-Kleen, you're selecting a unit which will be the hardworking force in the background of your operation. Will you benefit from a hot or cold water unit? Industrial or commercial grade? What are your applications? Your needs? These are crucial questions to answer which will determine your optimal Easy Kleen for now and in the future.

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