"It's Easier to work on Clean Equipment than Dirty Equipment!"

Posted by Callie on January 21, 2019

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Owning an Easy-Kleen goes deeper than just getting that surface to shine. When you pick out your Easy-Kleen, you're selecting a unit which will be the hardworking force in the background of your operation. Will you benefit from a hot or cold water unit? Industrial or commercial grade? What are your applications? Your needs? These are crucial questions to answer which will determine your optimal Easy Kleen for now and in the future.


Trucking - Easy Kleen Pressure Washers

When J.E March Trucking, a trucking company with a fleet of 17 trucks were in the market for a new pressure washer they came across Easy-Kleen's booth at the Atlantic Truck Show in Moncton, New Brunswick. Having previously used cold water pressure washers and growing their company more, they knew they needed something more powerful and durable to keep up with their business.

J.E March is a trucking company which prides themselves on having clean, safe and professional looking trucks on the road. Not only would an Easy-Kleen keep their fleet looking good but it would keep the frames and guts of their trucks in good condition, protecting their large investments. It would also provide a better mechanical experience for owner/mechanic John March, being able to blast off road elements on the trucks from places as far as the mid-west of the United States, before service began.


A demo unit was brought to J.E March Trucking Office/Garage within the next few weeks. Impressed with the heat and speed of Easy-Kleen's Commercial Hot Water Gas - Oil Fired unit, J.E March Trucking purchased their Easy-Kleen machine with a 14 HP Kohler Engine and a General Pump.  A fresh unit off the hot water assembly line was soon delivered. J.E March Trucking has had their unit now for over 8 years and "it's never skipped a beat!". In the years since purchasing their machine a foam cannon, hose reel, and water broom have been added to their pressure washer, to speed up and improve their cleaning game! 

Pressure Washer Accessory

 "I would recommend an Easy-Kleen to anybody with a fleet of trucks or anybody in the general garage business, it makes life so much easier to work on clean equipment than it does to work on dirty equipment". - John March, J.E March Trucking.




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1. When purchasing your Easy-Kleen consider where your business will be in future years, the Easy-Kleen you buy now will need to perform as your business grows. 

2. Looking to see our equipment in person? Visit one of our branches or find us at a trade show near you! Check out our Facebook Page for upcoming events! 

3. Increase cleaning speed and productivity with a variety of our pressure washer attachments.