Decon In Less Time with the Easy-Kleen Firehouse Unit

Posted by LWilliston on March 4, 2024

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The Importance of Fire Clean-Up

Firetrucks are often beautifully clean and shiny – and that’s not just for show. There are real benefits to cleaning your rig.

One area firefighters should never overlook is the fire apparatus.

Fire debris, smoke, and ash can contain harmful toxins and carcinogens that must be removed immediately from firefighters and their equipment. Cleaning and decontamination after each call is crucial.

According to the International Association of Fire Fighters website, “In 2023, 72% of IAFF member line-of-duty deaths were due to occupational cancer. In Canada, where most provinces and territories have robust presumptive laws, close to 94% of line-of-duty deaths among professional fire fighters are the result of occupational cancers.”

Cleaning Your Fire Truck

Tire Truck CleaningThere’s no denying that firefighters love to have a clean apparatus. Although there is debate on how often said cleaning needs to be done, most firefighters agree that “the faster a thorough cleaning can happen, the better.”

Fire trucks are investments that need to be maintained and looked after. Cleaning helps rid them of toxic substances and corrosive materials (like salt in winter months) and allows the truck to be inspected often without dirt hiding potential problems.

With that in mind, every firehouse and fire station should have efficient and effective cleaning methods. Easy-Kleen can help with that!


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The Perfect Addition to Your Fire Station

The Easy-Kleen Firehouse Unit

Whether holding a community event or being prepared for an emergency, fire stations must be tidy and ready for any situation. Thankfully, Easy-Kleen knows how to combine small units with mighty cleaning power. The cold-water Firehouse unit is no exception.

This stationary unit has a minimal footprint, taking up a mere 18.5” x 18.5” (2.4 sqft.) of floor space, leaving optimal space for essential firefighting gear.

The mounted hose reel allows for efficient and effective storage and management, which is necessary to keep your area tidy and free of tripping hazards.

We offer several different models, all made with high-quality, easy-to-service components. Our most popular is a 3.5 GPM unit with 2400 PSI.

Product Highlights

Easy Kleen Firehouse and Car Detailing Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Commercial duty triplex plunger pump
  • Water-tight Nema 4 electrical panel
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • 36” gun and wand assembly with a quick coupler system
  • High-pressure chemical injection
  • 100’ of non-marking high-pressure hose
  • Easy-Kleen reels make for easy hose management
  • Compact and the perfect wall unit for all spaces
  • CSA and ETL certified

Are you looking for more cleaning power? Add a heater and run your machine as a hot-water unit.

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One key feature of this system is the auto stop/start, which allows the operator to control the machine with the wand. This means you don’t have to shut off the machine immediately; if you get a call, just set the wand down and go, and the machine will time out and shut itself off instead of burning out the engine.

Plus, this unit is user-friendly. With our foolproof design, anyone can use this machine, even without training!

Grade A Accessories for Your Fire Station

Undoubtedly, the Easy-Kleen Firehouse unit will take your cleaning and decontamination to the next level. Still, these add-ons will make cleaning your fire apparatus even easier.

The Easy-Kleen Undercarriage Cleaner

Cleaning the underside of any vehicle can be painful unless you have something designed specifically for the job. The undercarriage will clean the underside of your Firetruck with minimal effort.


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The Easy-Kleen Water Broom

The Easy-Kleen Water Broom is 16” wide, has four separate spray tips, and can be attached directly to the spray wand included with your Firehouse Unit. It works best on flat surfaces and is perfect for cleaning your garage floor or fire station parking lot. It can also be used for giving your fire hose a thorough clean.


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The Easy-Kleen Foam Cannon

The foam cannon is a popular accessory for washing vehicles and heavy equipment—anywhere chemical usage is required. It allows full chemical coverage and activation. It quick couples to the 36” wand included with your Firehouse unit, making setup and usage quick and efficient.


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Ensuring decontamination is happening effectively and efficiently should be top of mind when returning from calls, and an Easy-Kleen Firehouse will help ease some of the time and stress surrounding the process.

Reach out to one of our sales representatives today to learn what an Easy-Kleen Firehouse unit can do for you.